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Creepy Ad

Love the show, so I’m giving you five stars, but I have to say I was definitely creeped out when the episode started today with an ad for some weird Christian show. It gave me the ick not being able to get away from Christianity’s cult influence even on a podcast about cults. Gross

Remarkable Ladies

Thank you ladies for advocating for families of these less known cold case that deserve attention and deserve justice. Thank for all you do!

Two strong, personable ladies

Advocacy focused, victim centric and compassionate with a touch of spirits (if you get my drift 🍷even though technically wine isn’t considered spirits, which is weird). I’m thankful to have gotten to know them as two likeminded pod friends. They’re incredible.

Love these girls

They passion for advocacy for the families is amazing. They are going places! Can’t wait to see them grow.

Stick with it

The first few episodes make you cringe due to the lack of empathy for the victims and surviving family. They mentioned in an interview that they leave those episodes up so listeners can see how far they have come and how much they have improved. So if you can stick with them and keep listening they promise the later episodes are more respectful.

Great Listen!

I love listening to these two ladies! They care about their content and the people behind the content.

Really good

The girls are actually funny. But a good podcast easy to follow

Good podcast with room for growth

This is a fun listen, and the podcasters seem to be headed in an interesting direction as they start exploring some of the reasons behind unsolved disappearances and/or murders. The research could use some additional attention - for example, they recently identified Spokane as the biggest city in Washington (twice!) leading me to wonder how it’s possible people raised in the U.S. can be unfamiliar with the city of Seattle. They also have embraced the idea of examining cults, but have a limited understanding of basic concepts of religion; reading definitions off Wikipedia isn’t a substitute for good research. There are plenty of good books about cults and other key social issues and identities that would help shore up the facts they present. What keeps me listening is their good intentions to illuminate unsolved cases, and the sense that any day now they’ll recognize some of the dissonance between being a self-proclaimed pro-police podcast and the problems of racism, sexism, classism, and homophobia and transphobia *on the part of police.* I’d like to be listening on the day where they realize that being pro-police and pro-victim advocacy are inherently conflicting positions.

Good show- but background music is bad

I really enjoy this podcast. But the background spa music has got to go.

Excellent Show

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to like this show. I didn’t expect with the show’s name that they would be so respectful to victims and so well researched. I’m really glad I listened because it’s great!

Like sitting in your living room with your friends and a bottle of wine!

Easily my favourite podcast! I found it by complete accident one day and I’ve never been able to put it down. The stories they cover are always interesting and I love that they are never afraid to tackle something new. There are very few podcasts that make you feel like you’re sitting in your living room with friends, but this is one of them. I’m also a boy mom, so talking about their kids now and then at the starts of episodes really makes me feel like I’m catching up with some mom friends after a week away. It’s just such a welcoming atmosphere which makes it not only easy to listen to, but very easy to get involved! I’ve picked up my phone so many times to write emails to depts because of how easy they make it.

Love this Podcast…End of Story!!

I am OBSESSED with this podcast! I love how real they are. Instead of feeling like I’m listening to an audiobook, like so many other podcasts, I feeling like I’m a part of a wine club chatting with my girlfriends. They have grown so much from the beginning and are now finding their groove and purpose seeking justice and advocating for these families. This podcast has become part of my daily routine. I have officially caught up and am honestly kind of sad that I have to wait the next week to hear new stories. To quote Drake these girls started from the bottom, now they’re here (yes, yes, I did) so run don’t walk and subscribe to their podcast you won’t regret it!

Great two person podcast!

Melissa and Whitney are great together. They have just enough conversation in the beginning, rating a wine. You know they care about the victims. And they don’t just read a script. They do their research and tell the details of each crime in a way we can understand. Give this great podcast a try.

New favorite podcast!

Love this podcast and how well the girls tell the stories! It’s even better they talk to people involved in the cases and actually put their feet on the ground for these stories! The Caleb Diehl episode was told so well and was so great to get his family’s story out!

True crime gem

These ladies are hilarious but treat their episodes and this topic with so much respect. They’re some of the hardest working podcasters I’ve ever come across. Cheers to a true crime gem! 🍷

These gals are ‘da bomb’!!

Listen & ye shall be entertained….. these two girls are definitely worth listening to! Sincere & factual as they can be. And btw- GLACIER NATIONAL PARK IS FANTASTIC!! And Butte, Montana is such an interesting city!


#1 podcast!! The best

A must listen!

Whitney and Melissa have made me look forward to Monday! I love this podcast. I listen to a lot of true crime podcasts and CC&C is my favorite! I love the addition of the Winesday episodes too. They bring just enough humor to balance out some of the gruesome and gory. You can hear their passion for wanting all the victims and their families to get answers. Don’t listen if you don’t want to be inspired by a call to action to help victims. I can’t wait to hear what’s next for this podcast!

Great podcast!

I’m loving you guys so much! Thank you for creating content! My favorite thing is yalls call to action. Such an amazing way to possibly help these families find answers. I also love yalls wine reviews!

Favorite podcast

I love listening to true crime and these two bring their A game! Such thoughtful women covering cases that are a bit unknown with slight banter makes for an awesome show!

Love these women!

I have listened to these women since the beginning! They have come so far with their content and are so caring. Looking forward to supporting them for years to come.

Best conversational podcast Ive heard in a while!

This podcast has had a lot of growth since it’s inception. What started a little rough and as a hobby really grew into something amazing. You can tell how much the hosts care for the families. They are truly care about how they share a story but want it to be as if you’re sitting around a table chatting with friends. Love. Will recommend to others!

Action Oriented Advocacy

The growth of this podcast is amazing. The original episodes started a bit rough, as most do, however, the growth the hosts have made from transitioning from a hobby to action oriented advocacy is amazing. They truly care for victims and their families. 5 stars! Definitely recommend!

One of the best podcasts out there!

I’ve been listening from almost the beginning, it’s my go-to true crime podcast. I have loved watching this show grow, it’s so clear that Melissa & Whitney are in this for the right reasons. It’s not just entertainment for them, they’re not out for money or fame, they just want to help victims & their families. Love y’all & I can’t wait to see what 2022 brings!❤️

Love this!

I’m here from Voices for Justice! And now I’m hooked. Started with episode one!! DONT CHANGE IT!! It’s so organic to hear the kids in the background and to hear you started in your kitchen!!! It is such an amazing example/inspiration that you can be a part of something bigger than yourself 😁

Amazing Ladies

They give their whole heart to every episode. It truly shows in every episode that they want to help people while still being informative, with a side of humor. I can’t get enough.

They Give Their Whole Hearts…

… and it shows! You can tell they really care about what they’re saying and how people (specifically victims) are portrayed. They are so passionate about making sure peoples stories are told the right way & I’m here for it! I started with part 1 of the Brandon Lawson episode that was featured on PNW Haunts & Homicides, and immediately had to go find part 2. I guess you can say I’m hooked y’all!

Thank you Justin @genwhy

I am a Generation Why listener and am a big Justin fan. So when I heard he was a guest on this show I had to check it out. This was a very interesting case and this was a good conversation. Thanks for the recommendation Genwhy!

Great Podcast!

Every time I list down to binge listen (I’m currently on round two) this podcast, I literally feel like I’m with Whitney and Melissa having a glass of Cabernet , as I listen to the cases they cover. What I love the most is how they seek justice for the victims and their families and the sincerity. Keep up the amazing work ladies!

Advocating for voiceless victims

Melissa and Whitney have a passion for seeking justice and helping the families of victims find answers and peace whenever possible. They deal with tragic stories that take an emotional toll on everyone involved. I appreciate everything they do and the dedication they have for helping total strangers.