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A nice, fast paced diversion to all the true crime podcasts I typically listen to. Great premise!

Great Content!

Love the way you cover these events as if it were true crime.


Nice job on this podcast Justin. I’d like to be a storm chaser for a week. It’s on my bucket list but this podcast will do ! It’s great !

Lovely nightmare fuel

This podcast is exactly what I need in my life. I was so happy to see the Aberfan episode included from Obscura this week as it was so beautifully done and an all time favorite. I have grown jaded to true crime podcasts and this one is a welcome distressing relief.

Great but

Love it but way too many adds!!!!


I love Obscura, it is one of my favorites so naturally I was going to listen to his new podcast. I enjoyed it and look forward to many more. Keep up the good work.

Another great podcast

I love Obscura, and I’m loving the start of this one.

So excited

Anything Justin does is amazing!!


Love this so much