May 9, 2023

S19: Deadly Devotion: Motherhood and Mayhem, Part 1

S19: Deadly Devotion: Motherhood and Mayhem, Part 1
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This Mother’s Day, join Shane Waters on a chilling adventure featuring 14 podcasters as they share sinister stories of motherhood. Mother’s Day is typically a time to honor the love and sacrifices of mothers, but today we’ll be exploring the twisted tales that lurk behind the shadows. 

It’s an extra special, two parts, more than two-hour, Mother’s Day event. 

Podcasts are listed here in order of appearance:

Part 1:

  1. Foul Play: Crime Series
  2. Music City 911
  3. Crimes from the East 
  4. Cults, Crimes, Cabernet 
  5. A Nefarious Nightmare 
  6. Crimelines 
  7. The Asian Madness Podcast 
Part 2:

  1. Once Upon A Crime 
  2. PNW Haunts & Homicides
  3. The Trail Went Cold 
  4. Coffee & Cases
  5. Already Gone 
  6. Twisted and Uncorked 
  7. Mystery Inc 

If you enjoyed this holiday collaboration special, check out the other collaboration specials: Deceptions & Resurrections, Bloody Valentine, and A Nightmare before Halloween . Until our next adventure, stay safe and stay vigilant.