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Phone Calls From the Dead

Loved the details about Dean Koontz. Great show!


This is great!

So good, so creepy

If you want a quick creepy story to make your day more interesting, you’re in the right place. If you want nightmares, you’re probably in the right place too.

Not your average creepy podcast

I love how these stories are not the same as the ones you find in other true supernatural type pods. I’ve never heard of most of these stories, and I listen to/read a lot of them. Keep up the good work!

Losing sleep

Well it’s working, couldn’t sleep last night after listening!

Commute podcast

This is my favorite commute podcast!

So creepy!

Creepy but in a good way!

Love love love!

Saw this today on a Twitter post and I’m loving it!

Great podcast for those who enjoy the dark

Heard about this pod from another that I follow - really glad I found it! Enjoying the stories and excited to see how it evolves

Spooky & Soothing

Samii is the perfect host for a frightening podcast. Her voice is so easy and soothing to listen to. The stories are super interesting and keeps you listening. And the production is stunning! Keep up the amazing work!!

Love this new pod!

Samii has a great voice, and the podcast is well produced. The sound is clear, the music sets the mood perfectly, and the stories are intriguing. Loving this!

Really enjoy this podcast

Samii does a great job putting this podcast together. Keep them coming!


Samii puts everything into her podcast and it shows. Plus she’s smokin hot so 😍