Feb. 9, 2023

My Bloody Valentine, Part 1

My Bloody Valentine, Part 1
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…12 dates …
…14 love gone wrong stories…
…Will YOU be my Valentine?

This Valentine’s Day, prepare for a unique podcast experience! Shane Waters will introduce 14 crime podcast hosts. Each host brings a new, love gone wrong true story to mix. It’s an extra special, two part, more than two-hour, Valentine event. 

Part 1 of 2.

Podcasts are listed here in order of appearance:

In this Part 1 Episode:
1. Murder She Told
2. True Crime Island
3. Hillbilly Horror Stories
4. Tapes from the Darkside
5. Coffee and Cases
6. Gone Cold – Texas True Crime
7. Live, Laugh, Larceny

In the next Part 2 Episode:
1. Sirens
2. The Trail Went Cold
3. Method and Madness
4. True Crime Cases with Lanie
5. Crimelines
6. Love Murder
7. Foul Play: Crime Series