March 1, 2023

6: More Balloons, Aliens, and Giants

6: More Balloons, Aliens, and Giants

Jinkies! Hey Gang! The Waters brothers are back with another Mystery Inc episode - but first we have some mystery updates!

In Episode 2 we talked about how Church of Scientology Leader David Miscavige’s wife Shelly Miscavige has been missing for over 15 years! WELL David was just served 27 times for a federal lawsuit accusing him of human trafficking. David has been hiding and actively concealing his whereabouts for the last 10 months.

In Episode 3 we talked about Weather Balloons during our topic on the Battle of Los Angeles - and during the unmasked episode we joked about blaming everything on weather balloons. Then enter the Chinese spy balloon disguised as a weather balloon - and suddenly everyone’s eyes were in the sky… causing real weather balloons to be mistaken for “Unidentified Flying Objects” - or more spy balloons.

Shane’s mystery topic of choice for the episode is a UFO sighting that is both credible and interesting - an event known as the Phoenix Lights. This event happened on March 13, 1997, when thousands of people in Arizona, Nevada, California, and Mexico reported seeing a V-shaped object in the sky that was several hundred feet wide and several miles long! It’s one of the most well-known and well-documented UFO sighting in American History.

The topic then turns to Josh, who discusses the Nephilim. The Nephilim are mysterious beings or people (according to the Hebrew bible) who are described as a race of giants. Some believe they are the hybrid children of fallen angels. Goliath, from the story David and Goliath, was reported to be a Nephilim.

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Mystery Inc 3/1 === [00:00:00] Ah, okay. I was really looking forward to a. One of those red Bull infusions from scooters. When I got there, I was like, ah, I know, me too. Actually, I, uh, I left a little early so I could swing by there. Then I saw they were closed. Water drain damage or something with the water. It said, yeah, water issues. I was just glad no one could hear me, cuz I might have cussed a little I wonder how many people are like that today. Like when you take away their coffee, it just ruins your whole morning and it's raining. It's Monday, it's, all many factors. Yeah. And it's not just raining, it's like absolutely pouring. I got soaked actually, you know when you get so wet like your, I get soaked so my socks are wet. Like that's absolutely horrendous. . I only get that wet when sailors or men in uniform are around . Oh, bless your [00:01:00] heart. Okay, blanche, calm down, . I need to keep a spray bottle around him. Just start spraying you uniform. I had a date this weekend. Oh, you did it went well. It was very, white bread. Went and had dinner and I had a homemade root beer at the restaurant and walked him to his car and. Went home and got McDonald's on the way home. . So you didn't eat enough at the restaurant, is what you're saying? I got some, ramen, like a, it was a really good ramen dish, but it's a date. You don't sit there and slurp it down. So I'm sitting there, delicately eating noodles and pork belly. So on the way home I was like, I need some cheeseburgers, . That's hilarious. I love it. Was it a nicer place? It was, it was someplace in Huntington. There's another one in Fort Wayne, junk Ditch or something. Oh, yeah, yeah. Like that. . it was really little like 19. So you were the one in Huntington? Yes. That's funny. So [00:02:00] we've gone to as a, big group, for you out there listening. I have a big friends group here in town and so like probably once a month bragging right. We all get together. I know. I'm just making up these people. All my many friends, all of my friends will get together and we go get lunch. We call it date night where we all just go have dinner together somewhere and we've gone to. The restaurant. It's called Junk Ditch. Junk Ditch doesn't sound hers, . It doesn't, we've gone to the one in Fort Wayne. It's really, really good. it's also larger. Have you been to the one in Fort Wayne? I haven't, but I looked it up online. I was like, they're menus different. And it's like, it looks pretty. It's large. Yeah. So I'm a big fan of it. So we just went to the one in Huntington, maybe just a week ago, maybe less than a week ago. Small world. I know. it's very small, but we get there and it's dinnertime. You know, we're all hungry and they tell us that they're waiting for their food to get [00:03:00] there from their Fort Wayne location, And we're like, how long is that gonna be? Oh, okay. Yeah. So evidently they have, their food just gets driven in from the Fort Wayne location. Well shoot. Yeah, but if you, take a look around, like they have a really small kitchen it looks like, so they probably don't have the storage for it. Okay. Like the Fort Wayne location. I bet cuz it was like, I mean it was kind of like the size of our office that we're sitting in. It wasn't very large . Yes, it's, I was like, this gonna be an intimate, intimate day. Well, and we were a big group and we're like, oh, how long is it gonna be? And they're like, Probably 40 to an hour. Jesus. And yeah, and we were like, at the hunger level where you need something to eat. And we're like, well, then they all work. What do you have ? And he's like, we have our seafood options. And that doesn't work for me. I don't know. I did not like seafood. It smelled like seafood when I walked in. And that kind of, Didn't ruin it, but I was just like, Ooh, ooh. Yeah. Like I definitely do have trout here, don't they? Yeah. Especially in a small [00:04:00] space like that. crack a window. Yeah. Funny though that you went and tried it and, but definitely if you go back, I would do the one in Fort Wayne. Oh yeah. It looked, the menu's a lot bigger too. Yes. Like we had, what was it? There were some really good appetizers that we tried there. Oh. I had a really good pizza that they make there. Like, they have a, , wood burning stove of some kind and they make the pizza there. Yeah, so I had a really nice pizza, so when we went to the Huntington location, they didn't have any of the pizzas on the menu and I was like really, really upset about that because like once I find something I really like at a place, that's what I get. Right. It kind of reminded me of the time when. Olive Garden stopped selling their stinking pizzas, their chicken Alfredo pizzas. Do you remember those? Mm-hmm. I never had one. Oh my gosh. They were delicious. And it's like the best thing I remember when they started remodeling the locations, that's when they redid their menus and they did away with all the pizzas. And I went in there with some friends one day. The waitress comes up and [00:05:00] she's like, you know what, can I get you guys? And I was like, and I don't even have to look at the menu cuz I knew what I wanted. Right? I was like, I'll take the chicken Alfredo pizza. And she goes, oh, we don't have our pizzas anymore. And I look to her and you know, you just, wanna take your water and just throw it at her. Like, , change your mind. How dare you. Yeah. Make it for me. This was a service industry. You got the ingredients, . Yeah. So I was like, well, I guess I'll get a menu and find something else . So then it's look. Yeah, so now it's just always soups, salad, and breadsticks for me. That's what I get too. That's why I've never tried the pizza. Even, at McDonald's the other day, their Coke machine was out and I never get anything else to drink. And she was like, oh, I'm sorry. I'd love to give you that coke. But our machine's broken my brain just kind of froze for a minute. I'm like, uh, uh. What else do you have? Like, I've never gotten any, I'm like, what else do you have here? Right. The only thing that came to mind, I was like, do you still have the orange Hi-C ? Like as a [00:06:00] kid, . Alrighty. did you happen to see the news about, I mean, we have so much new things to bring up and this is gonna be our sixth episode. Oh, Jesus. But I feel like Jesus , but I feel like we are just everything that we're covering, there's just new stuff coming out about it. Weather balloons. Yeah, weather balloons. Jared from Subway and. Church of Scientology's leader David Misca. did you see the recent article about him, d is he the one that went missing as well? No, no, no, no, no. Well, yeah, kind of. So on our episode two, we talked about, the Church of Scientology's leader, David Sage's wife, Shelly Misca. Mm-hmm. , she's been missing for over 15 years. Well, shortly after we released the episode, and I'm talking about like within a week or so after we released the episode, news starts going out that [00:07:00] David was served 27 times in two states with a federal lawsuit accusing him of human trafficking. Yeah. And it took them 10 months to be able to serve. because he was according to the US Judge Julie Sneed actively concealing his whereabouts or evading service. Ooh. Mm-hmm. . David's being a bad, bad boy. It appears. And the thing about this is like when you hide from being. Mm. I'm not saying you're guilty, but it's, but it looks like you're guilty, It doesn't look like you're hiding from the truth. Allegedly. Yeah. You're gonna cut it . So basically they couldn't serve him because they couldn't find him, and it took them 10 months to be able to get the judge to say, yeah, you did everything that you could do. And they were able to prove it to the judge and she put out a ruling [00:08:00] that because they did everything that they could. She deemed it as him being properly served with the order, and she did that on February 14th. So Valentine's Day, that's when her order came out and the judge is giving him 21 days to answer or respond to the lawsuit. And for a federal court, for her to do that, she'll hold you in contempt and she'll put a warrant out for your arrest if you don't, uh, yeah. Appear, yeah. If you don't start responding to your stuff. the lawsuit for this was filed by three ex Scientology Church members. They left the church in 2012 and 2009. They claimed that they were forced into. on Scientology boats as children after signing a billion year contract. Right, which we talked about, which is like absolutely crazy. Like . If you want to start a cult, make your member sign a billion year contract. Exactly in [00:09:00] exchange for little or no money. In addition to the trafficking, one of the victims said that she was also a victim to repeated sexual assault as a child. and she was locked in an engine room for 48 hours as punishment after her mom left Scientology. What the hell? Yeah. Which a lot of people who talk out about Scientology say that when a family member leaves Scientology, , all of your family who is still in Scientology will be punished some way. Yeah. It's just another conditioning thing. So that, you know, if you and I were in Scientology, if I wanted to leave, that's gonna be in the back of my mind that they're going to do something to you. so my actions aren't going to just impact me. It's gonna impact a lot of people I care about. I just read this morning a quick article about, Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise splitting up and he's, one of. Famous people in Scientology. Mm-hmm. . they adopted two children [00:10:00] together when they were married. And after Nicole left, the children decided to remain in Scientology. So that brings to mind the question, like, oh, I wonder what punishments the children, and Tom himself received. Good question because Tom is so high up. Maybe none , right. You know? But there's always privilege to those things. Another victim that's involved in the lawsuit said that his parents put him into the Sea org nursery when he was two months old. And then when he turned six, he was also forced to sign this 1 billion year contract. He was then sent to live in a cadet org dormitory with around a hundred children. Sounds like Hill, right? Children over six are considered to be and are frequently told that they are adults and that they should act and be treated as adults. Ooh, I don't like that. Yeah. Which is a perfect way to condition children into, preventing them from [00:11:00] saying anything if something is happening. Right. You're an adult. You're, to be held accountable for what you say. Yeah. That just gives me like old man marrying young bride vibes, right? Like you're an adult now. Time to marry a 60 year old man and right. another thing that's coming up now, of course, and we've been getting some funny Instagram messages about this, is weather balloons. Oh yes. . So in our third episode titled Nazis, aliens and Weather Balloons, I talked about the Battle of Los Angeles. Mm-hmm. during Worlds War ii and we joked pretty heavily that we were gonna start blaming everything on weather balloon. . And especially for those who listened to the unmasked episode, we went into that heavily about how we were gonna start blaming everything, everything on weather balloons, and how ridiculous damn weather balloons. Yeah. . So now [00:12:00] there's this whole thing that started happening at the beginning of February, at the beginning of this month when this Chinese spy balloon Yes. Flies on over here. And when that started happening, of course it was blowing up our news everywhere and people were messaging in thinking that we were basically, predicting the future balloon talk . Can we get our logo on those ? Right? But it just to give some background, especially for people who may not be listening in the. and maybe you just don't like to pay attention to the news. I wouldn't blame you. I don't often. I know. So the Chinese spy balloon, which took 'em a, while to admit to that it was theirs, it was eventually shot down after it was discovered. in the US it was shot down off the coast of South Carolina. Shortly after they shut it down, the US is pretty confident that it was a spy balloon. They then find three [00:13:00] more unidentified flying objects, that was reported heavily in the media. Federal officials are sharing that they found three more unidentified objects forward. Yeah. And people are freaking out. , right? They're over Alaska. The Yukon and Lake Huron. I saw there were some reported in Canada as well that were shot down. Yeah. Well, and these, three everyone was calling them UFOs, unidentified flying objects. They get shot down. and now it's believed they could have been weather balloons. Hmm. Of course, . And I'll just give you an example of one of these balloons as I thought this was very funny. And why do you not need a little bit more information about weather balloons? Of course. And so this is just a fun little tidbit. So one of the balloons, it's the balloon that was shot down over the Yukon. It's. To be what? they called a pico balloon, which [00:14:00] is used for basic atmospheric exploration. So a hobbyist group in northern Illinois owned it. Oh God. I know. So basically it's a privately owned weather balloon. So you can own 'em. Kind of like people do droids. Yeah. Okay. Which was news to me. I didn't know that you could do. I didn't. It's kind, kind a little weird. But anyway, so it was shot down by a US F 22 fighter jet using an almost half a million dollar side winder missile for a pedestrians weather bullet for a privately owed weather balloon. Good Lord. Which is funny to me. I mean, I could have popped it for a lot less money. Right? . A blow dart, it reminds me, do you remember the episode of the Golden. where Sophia was calling Blanche some name about her being, you know, a little flossy. Oh yeah. And Blanche pops her balloon. Oh yeah. They just got back from buying shoes. Yeah, yeah, yeah. so she [00:15:00] pops that balloon without pencil, as soon as I heard that it cost a half a million dollars to pop that balloon, I just, I would've done that for you for a lot less. And that's our tax dollars at work. Hard at work. So I just thought it was pretty funny. We don't need roads or bridges, but go spend half a million on popping a damn pedestrian's weather balloon. Right? They're probably just sitting there, trying to figure out how much pollution's in the atmosphere or something, and. Well, overkill. So I actually found out the answer because I got down into it this little rabbit hole. So the balloon was shot down in the same area that they believed. This hobbyist group's balloon ended up being like, where this hobbyist group's balloon disappeared. Okay. So that's why they believe that it's probably their balloon. it also matches the description that. , we know that that balloon looked like, so for the hobbyist balloon, I'm curious of [00:16:00] like, who is putting up just random balloons? if they're not the weather people. Right. So it was in the atmosphere for 123 days, and it was on its seventh circumnavigation of the globe. So it was circling the entire globe. Jesus. and it, and it had been up there for 123 days, which is crazy to me because that means it's going over a lot of other countries. Mm-hmm. , who are just like, okay, whatever. It's a balloon. How come my balloons from the store don't last that long? ? Well probably because they're uh, they're cheap , right? Yeah. I guess. But I did see that this person's balloon cost 20 bucks for them to. and I was like, and we shut it down for a half a million problem and they didn't even recover it. So we need to get our own weather balloons with our logo on them and just, just start releasing them everywhere. Yeah. Yeah. Listen to us. , not a spy balloon, right? the Street [00:17:00] Ink podcast, they shoot it down for a half a million and they're like, oh, I, I guess I'll listen to it. . Right? So what was weird to me when I learned about this is like how many. People can just release balloons and that there's no central place that this stuff is being logged in. And it's just weird to me that there's all these balloons flying up right into the atmosphere and into the sky. So I was curious like how many. Weather balloons are being released every year. And I thought, oh, probably a thousand weather balloons a year in the us, you know, or whatever. So I found that each day, each and every day in the world, between 1800 to 3000 weather balloons are released. Ooh, that's creepy. Yeah. I don't like. Yeah. And they can stay up for over a hundred days. [00:18:00] Evidently more than a , just circling the globe two days. And I'm sure like people who are releasing like surveillance balloons, they're just banking on people. Just confusing it with other, weather balloons, you know? Right. So typically they're made of latex and they're six feet wide before they release them into the, but they end up expanding to 20 feet in diameter as they get higher up. Trojan Mac X X xl, . Right. Well, one of the weird things about it to me though, is like, when I hear how many weather balloons we're releasing, there are latex, they're that big. I'm like, and you guys are telling me to recycle and we're putting up these or sticky weather balloons. use the sheep skin weather balloons. Dave. Yeah. Or something that will dissolve or something, but, and most of 'em are probably when they do come back down landing in the oceans and well, In the US the National Weather Service [00:19:00] releases a bunch of weather balloons, of course, and only 20% of those are. Recovered and what I found out was mainly they're recovered because they want the device that they're flying with. Oh, like a little black box kind of thing? Sort of, yeah. It's, basically the device that's, doing the monitoring in the sky. Okay. And I found a bunch of, photos of people who have come across this device because I, when I read that, they're recovering 20%, I thought, oh, there must be a tracker. They're going out and finding them. No, what's happening is they have a little sticker on the box and when you are out going around in the woods or doing whatever, and if you come across this box, it will tell you this is from the National Weather Service. there is included with this, a little mailing pouch with a prepaid postage. Hmm. And please mail it back to us because it will [00:20:00] help us, basically recycle this. And 20% of the time apparently those get mailed back. Ah, honesty. Who knew? Yeah. I had no idea. So that's how they're getting them back. . I thought that was very interesting. I'm gonna start calling them shady balloons cuz there are not that many people interested in the weather. I mean, you can pull up on your phone, the weather. I'm just, there's something shady going on all these weather balloons. Well, what I found out was apparently, and this was totally news to me, they are often using those brother balloons to find out. the way the wind is blowing, so like if you're watching the news and you see like the map that shows you like the little tick marks of which way the weather mm-hmm. or which way the wind is blowing, they're probably using weather balloons Okay. To come up with that. And I was like, can't we find a better solution? Are we without having to throw these brother balls out? All, all these balloons. Yeah. Apparently each location. [00:21:00] puts off weather balloons between two and four times a day. Good gravy. Yeah. Just to monitor the weather and. that brings to mind the question, how did the US government know these were Chinese weather balloons? Like how did they see a, logo or the flag or something on there. Right. Especially if not all the weather balloons are being monitored and they can blow in any direction Right. For a long time. So just seems kind of like a look over at this hand, not at this hand reaching into your po. It just seems very shady. Especially there's that many weather balloons and then all of a sudden, oh, these three out of the thousands are horrible and Right. Questionable. Right. So that brings me to my topic because it's my turn today. Oh, I thought don't was your topic. No, it's not my topic. I thought we were just reading. Read these. These, these are just updates of previous episodes that are gonna get into my. You should [00:22:00] know me for long enough that, uh, when we first decided to do this podcast, we were just gonna keep it about 15 minutes a piece and Oh, I forgot all about that. Yeah, well, we did not stick with that. I think, uh, our listeners forgot all about that too, , because we go over an hour each and every episode, and most of the time it's me because I find some little rabbit hole or go down and I start going down it. , but it's, it's important to, make sure we give updates on things that we, it's so interesting. Yeah. I do have an update real quick before we go into your topic while we're doing updates. Okay. I wanted to come clean. I guess I lied to you and all of our listeners say, so after our last episode, a listener let me know that that big preserved appendage of Rasputin in the erotic museum is actually a horse. Appendage. Mm. I don't know what all we can say. Are they just like saying that it's, yeah. Yeah. And if you looked the picture up, which I definitely did, you're like, oh, [00:23:00] yeah, that makes sense. So you, it's a horse, but they're advertising it as it's his Yeah. but you think that it it really is probably a horse. Yeah, it's a horse. Mm-hmm. . As soon as she said that, I was like, okay, that makes sense. Yep. Just, from the way it looks and. the size and mm-hmm. , you know, I get that for the museum. That's a good way to get people to come. Right. Made me want to go see it. But right now I'm like, oh, horses. Well, we grew up in the country on a farm I've seen. Right. A dime a dozen . Right. Well, but just false advertising. Yeah. Dang it. there are men out there blessed with that size, but he was not one of them . At they don't have the real one. Right? Just a little shriveled up. . Right. so because we were talking about weather balloons and the original discussion on weather balloons was because of a U F O case that I wanted to. , I thought I would go ahead and give another U F O sighting. Oh, good. And this [00:24:00] sighting is one that people deem pretty credible and it's pretty interesting. So, Josh, have you ever heard of the Phoenix Lights? Yes, I have. Okay. the Phoenix lights occurred on March 13th, 1997. The sightings were witnessed by thousands of people and were seen in a number of other states in addition to Arizona, which included Nevada in California, it, and it also included Mexico as. , I wanna move out there. They get all the good UFO sightings. I know. Well they probably, it's probably cuz they don't have a whole lot of trees. . Yeah. Yeah. More light pollution blocking the view . Right. It's also one of the most well known and well documented UFO sightings in modern American history between the hours of eight 15 and 10:30 PM So about two hours on the evening of March 13th, 1990. A large number of people in the [00:25:00] Phoenix area reported seeing a V-shaped object in the sky. The object was described as being several hundred feet wide and several miles long. it had five round amber lights on the bottom of it spaced out evenly. The longest plane, and this is just for my little research, so I'm thinking, okay, well it's at least one mile long, right? So I'm gonna try to see if I can find like what in the sky could be that big? Ooh, that would be in scary to see something happen. Yeah. So I looked. , what the largest plane was that has ever been built. And it had a length of 237 feet, and the plane with the largest wingspan is 261 feet. Ooh. And just to give you an idea, there's 5,280 feet in a mile. Ooh, that's . [00:26:00] Yeah. So whatever object they're seeing in the sky was Much bigger than than Right. What any plane could have not been on a plane . Yeah. I've seen those, satellites that, Elon Musk, SpaceX has made the really long ones. I was coming home from a friend's one night and got outta my car and I looked up and I saw this huge long beam of white dots of lights. Oh, that's pretty cool. And I was, You know, I kind of freaked out cuz I didn't know what they were and that was probably the longest thing I've seen and I don't even know if those are a mile long. That would just be, it would be terrifying. Right. So many of the witnesses reported that the object was flying at a low altitude. they ranged from saying that it was several hundred feet to several thousand feet. . One of the things that I take away from that is if you and I were to describe an object flying, and [00:27:00] I didn't know how far up in the air it was, we would both be describing it differently. Right. And my memory of that comes back to, this thought that I have when I was working at the movie theater in Indianapolis, you know, when I had the whole encounter with Jared, when I first got hired. They had a little sheet that you would keep underneath your cash register drawer in the box office, and if you were to ever be robbed, you were supposed to immediately fill out the form and it was supposed to be so that the suspect would be fresh in your mind and you could quickly fill the form out, okay, before police got there so that, you know, you could answer all their questions. One day when we weren't very busy, I took the form out and I started looking through it, and one of the questions was asking how tall the person was. And I'm very tall. I'm six foot nine, and the girl who was also working in the box office was very short. I think she said that she was like [00:28:00] four foot 10, four foot nine or something like that. Bless. Very, very short. Short. Yeah. And so the next person that came in, I wanted to have like this little experi. because how I think someone's height is, would probably be much different than hers. Right? And so I was, see they were a giant, right? This happened, so, so this other guy comes in and I made an estimate in my mind how tall he was. And my estimate was, that maybe he was five 10 and she estimated that he was six three. so I just thought how funny that was. That we're gonna be filling out this form , and it is really gonna be dependent on who the person is that's gonna see them. You know, if it's both of you, you're like, what? Somewhere between these, somewhere between five foot 10 and six foot three , you know? But that's just something that, that I took away after seeing how, far people are saying this object was, hovering in the sky. I would just take away from that, that it [00:29:00] wasn't very far off the ground as far as normal planes would fly. Right. So some witnesses even reported the object appear to be moving slowly or even hovering in the sky. , despite its huge size, the object was described as being completely silent, so they couldn't hear any sound coming from it. That'd be even creepier, right? In addition to the large V-shaped object, some witnesses also reported seeing smaller round objects somewhere near the larger object so these smaller objects were described as being brightly lit and were seen moving independently of the larger object. So it didn't seem like it was attached to the larger object. The Phoenix Lights incident attracted widespread attention in the media, and it was the subject of numerous. Newspaper articles on television news reports. Many of the witnesses were interviewed and their [00:30:00] accounts of the sightings were recorded. So the whole thing was well documented both during and after. I thought this was really interesting. shortly after the event, the Arizona governor held a press conference and said that they found the person who was respons. One person. Mm-hmm. . Then he had an aide come out who was in an alien costume, which. in my mind, like if I was living in Phoenix, that would freak me out seeing the lights. And if I were to see the governor, I would want something serious to come from him. Right. Not for you to make light of it or joke about it. Exactly. let's be serious here, especially from a governor, you said it was. Yeah. Yeah. So years later in 2007, that former governor would then say that he did that whole thing because he didn't want the public to panic. So basically making light of it. making a joke out of it, that [00:31:00] makes me panic more. I'm like, great governor's a moron. Right? So he said that quote, I'm a pilot and I know just about every machine that flies, it was bigger than anything I've ever. . It remains a great mystery. Other people saw it, responsible people. I don't know why people would ridicule it, and I'm like, dude, you ridiculed it worse than anyone else did. Put a man in a costume. Come on, . Yeah, so at first the Luke Air Force Base, which was nearby, said that they had no activity to report from that night, and much later they report. Operation Snowbird. So Operation Snowbird was a pilot training program operated in the winter by the Air National Guard. the theory goes that what people thought was a large flying triangle. If you say weather balloon, I'm gonna throw this tape, right. was due to [00:32:00] 5 8, 10 Jet. So the second incident, which they thought was completely separate was described as a row of bright lights hovering in the sky, and they thought that it was due to a flare drop exercise by a set of different a 10 jets. Jets aren't silent though, and why are they doing this over Phoenix? Right. And it's a pilot, for me, in my mind, I'm thinking if you're gonna. A training program, you should probably warn the people who live in that area. Yeah. Especially if it's Phoenix, Arizona. Hey guys, just heads up. Yeah. Don't freak out. Don't freak out. We're be dropping crap from the sky and flying planes at night. And don't be worried though. You're tax dollars hard at work, , right? so another theory was that it could be a top secret military air. . But my question to that is, the only thing that would make sense is if it's a mile long [00:33:00] blimp, because there would be no possible way that an airplane could ever be miles long. but there is no plane that could ever reach that length. Of course, as I just said, be too heavy. Right. And the military has, denied that they would ever have a blimp that would be that size. and this event happened 20 years ago and we've not seen any release of any information that's been leaked about the government having any type of craft. Blimp that size or of that kind, they tend to go towards the more faster vehicles of war than a blimp. Right. So that is my topic. So I will turn the show over to you, Josh. Oh, well my topic is, you could say, out of this world, but not to deal with aliens or weather balloons. Yes. No weather balloons, good. [00:34:00] Heaven. All righty. I will be bringing you all to Jesus a little bit with my topic today. Now, ptl ptl, do you know what that means? I don. Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. . Praise him. WP Worship and praise, . Now, all of this is based on Christian mythology, but I grew up in it and still have a fascination with the unmasking. What is true based on historical artifacts that are found and what is just a big old bunch of bologna. Now, what comes to mind when I mention Fallen Angels to. the devil. Exactly. Satan, that's exactly what I have. Lucifer, Satan, or the devil are all the most popular answers, but there were actually a lot more fallen angels. Some were cast out while others chose to leave their realms and live among men on [00:35:00] earth. A few of the fallen angels who are believed to have been cast out are Beil bub. I put these just because they're hard names and, but I enjoyed the names Beba Methodist and Belize her name, made me think of I Bleed. I couldn't help myself , just to name a few. There were actually a lot more than I realized. If any angel is cast out of heaven, they are then referred to as a demonn. You know, living in the hell realm with Lucifer. I don't believe in this stuff. I just find it interesting. . But what about those fallen angels who chose to come to Earth? Well, they are believed to have taken wives from among men and intermingled their downstairs. Still considered a demonn if they were real. It's a safe bet that the relationships probably weren't of the consensual nature.[00:36:00] First off, most of this is based on the long lost book of Enoch, which is excluded from most Bibles, Ella, especially the ones we grew up with. Second, one of the reasons that the angels chose to descend is because they fell in love with the beauty of humanity. and third and final, if I recall, which I looked it up. But anything to deal with Christianity. There's a lot of yes and no answers on every single question, but, most, if not all angels were her maites or didn't have any sexual organs since they don't need them for reproduction. I mean, what's the point? So these angels fell in love and came to our realm and basically started making babies, creating an entirely new race called Nephilims. Have you ever heard of the word nephem before? I don't think so. Well, they're the offspring of these fallen angels and [00:37:00] mankind, and it would appear that there was a reason that intermingling was forbidden. These babies were being born giants. The word nephilim is a Hebrew word and is often translated as giants or fallen ones. The nephilim are also referenced in Genesis and numbers and are possibly referred to in ez. Can't believe I said that name right the first time. They were not only giant of stature, but they were especially strong as well, and particularly wicked. If you remember the story from Sunday School, David and Goliath, well old boy, Goliath was a al even in the story. He is so big and strong that no one can defeat him. There have been discoveries of giant skeletons or giant skulls from all around the world as. , I will mention that more than a few of them have been, revealed to be [00:38:00] hoaxes. during research, I came across reports of one in Ohio even. But upon further research, it was fake. Of course, I was like, I'm grabbing the keys. I'm gonna go look . Not only were these NPH alone considered a blaspheme towards God, but they were also a damnation of his perfect creation. And they reproduced as well, producing offspring called IIDs. They bore similar traits to their parents, but were more watered down depending on the mix, whatever it was. All I know is if they were real, they were hornier than a herd of bulls surrounded by a field of roses. I came up with that last night and I cracked up . Oh heavens. I write mostly like late at night when I can't sleep after midnight. So some of the stuff, it's is me slap happy while you have the golden girls playing in the background usually. Yes. [00:39:00] Mm-hmm. , sorry. So, see, I, I think I'm funny . Eventually it became too much corruption for. So he or sudden solar flares melting all the polar ice, flooded the earth to eradicate the tainted bloodline. It's possible that the whole story of Noah's Ark in the Great Flood was not because mankind had itself been corrupted, but that the bloodline of humanity had been corrupted by these fallen. Noah was from a pure blood human line, and during a time when humans lived hundreds of years, he himself lived to be over 900 years old. It is believed that if they were real, the nephilims were all wiped out during the great flood. But if you dig deep enough, you start to realize that there were stories of giant warriors from several different ancient [00:40:00] civiliz. From South America to even here in North America. One of them is a race of pale white giants with red hair. According to legend, red hair sprouted from every pore of their bodies. They stood up to 12 feet tall and thousands of years ago. It is said that they cannibalize the tribes of Lake Laton, the ancient waters that covered Northern Nevada during the last ice. So where, death Valley was basically, hmm. Even close to us, there is believed to have been a cannibalistic race of giants that lived in what is now Tennessee. The Choctaw tribe first encountered them during a migration through the area. They were said to have been man eaters as well, and the would fight and kill them anytime there was any interaction between them. Were all the neum killed during the great flood, or did [00:41:00] some manage to escape and survive in more secluded areas of the world until being wiped out because of their wicked cannibalism or just sheer size? If they did exist, it sounds like you definitely wouldn't want to come across one. You would think that being the children of Angels, they would have been a little nicer and maybe even. Apparently if one falls from grace, your semen goes on steroids. . That's the end of my little neph . Oh, lovely. Yeah, I was inspired by that. Just, I mean, as we mentioned, you are a tall man. You're what, six nine? Yeah, and When I first came across Nephilims, I was like, Ooh, we're a tall family. Maybe we have some neph. I know we have Neanderthal, dna, thanks to some DNA tests, and explains my forehead. But, no, Nephilim came up. , yeah, I'd never heard of that story. [00:42:00] I had, heard about them just growing up like the name Nephem. I was like, okay, I know I know this, but from where And then researching. I'm like, okay. David and Goliath. I was like, oh wow. So this could possibly be true based on that. . Very interesting. I like the topic, both of us. Something out of this world, right? One's straight up the other, a little more adjacent, . So I picked out two reviews for us to. So Josh and I, we, we really enjoy when you guys leave reviews telling us how much you guys are enjoying listening. And in fact, whenever we get a new one, one of us screenshots it and sends it to the other. And we, I love waking up to them . I'm like, oh, what a good way to start the day. Right? And we always share them on our Instagram, and we sometimes will read them on the podcast. So I've picked two of my favorite, most recent.[00:43:00] So one of them is from Geno 21, Geno Geno. They said this podcast is a great blend of true crime, paranormal history, and hilarious stories. I love their back and forth, and honestly, I've learned a lot already about some new to me topics. Highly recommend you will not regret it. Also, check out their Patreon. I love the Unmasked episodes. Well, thank you Gino. Yeah, I'm not You enjoyed the unasked episode. , we have fun with them, which is basically, Josh and I we're talking about the episode in more detail and sometimes we will include funny stories. I know one unasked followers said that they really enjoy hearing stories about, our grandma. Oh yeah. So that's always a fun, fun thing. We'd get to put our notes down and just kind of go off topic a little sometimes . Yeah. Yeah. So it's just a, basically a hangout. And from Amber Morrow, she said, I have binged all episodes and I need [00:44:00] more. The way you both tell your stories is so intriguing and fun. I can't wait for new episodes. And until then, we'll check out both of your individual episodes. Well, thank you Amber. Yeah. I don't know if you noticed this, Josh, but Amber Marow is also the name of Kim's daughter. That's when you said it, I was like, where do I know this, the name from? And I was like, oh, wait. for you. Who's listening? Kim is my assisting here. Hi Kim. 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And we will be traveling this month in just a few weeks to a couple of mysterious places to record our episode, get some pictures and some postcards for our Patreons and explore together to see what we can dig up. Perfect. So let's go ahead and start the Unasked episode. All right. Thank you all, and we will talk at you next time on Mystery Inc. All right.