April 12, 2023

74: Black Label: The Outbuilding

74: Black Label: The Outbuilding
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There was no hope for justice in a case like this. That went out the window long before an arrest was ever made. Be that as it may, Richardson had to be held accountable for his crimes. Prior to his guilty verdict, Richardson also needed to be given the benefit of the doubt. Regardless of how heinous a crime, all defendants have the right to a fair trial.

During this trial, jurors, police officers, court officials, and family members alike were brought to tears, often needing to leave the room as the ruins of Teagan Skiba’s unfathomable last days were put on display. Lawyers clinically refer to such ruins as ‘evidence.’ It's a deceptive description of what was being presented to the court. At one point, attorneys argued over whether or not the jury should see photographs of what happens when a four-year-old child experiences something the devil wouldn’t abide in the darkest caverns of hell.

Lucky jurors: someone had their best interests at heart.

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