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Favorite Queen!

Not only does Josh make the stories interesting, but is so funny. Puts a smile on my face.

So Good!

Josh brings a touch of sass and humor to each story he shares. I love, love, love this podcast!

Difficult not to love the host

Really really talented host, he’s able to walk that fine line between irreverent and funny while also never losing respect or dignity for the subject matter. I found the show because his brother's podcast told me to check it out! I really loved the combined Halloween special and I hope these brothers get together to do more amazing things together 😍 come to my house to hang out and drink wine with me anytime Josh.


I was hooked with the first episode. Presentation is fantastic, fun and well researched. This is all the history, facts I love, but never taught in school. Thanks Josh.


Love listening to Josh. He has given me something great to listen to and I have learnt so much from these stories.

Very good show

wow. Just wow. This show is great!

Great insight and perspective

I usually can’t get through a podcast but I’m absolutely in love with this content!!

History from a fun twist

Josh’s attention to detail combined with his wit makes every episode a must listen


Sp Rok podcast


1 number pod high quality Rotten


Amazing POD


Its Great Podcast


Super Pod


Its Great




Your podcast is so beautiful Interestingly your podcast creates a good mood among the people

Top Pod

Rotten to the core super quality podcast


Love this podcast wow.


great pod

Great pod

Josh is a great host :)