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This podcast is a great blend of true crime, paranormal, history, and hilarious stories. I LOVE their back-and-forth, and honestly I’ve learned a lot already about some new-to-me topics! HIGHLY RECOMMEND. You will not regret it!!!! Also check out their Patreon—I love the unmasked episodes!!


I have binged all episodes and I need more!!! The way you both tell your stories is so intriguing and fun! I can’t wait for new episodes and until then will check out both of your individual podcasts!

Brothers Banter

I have been listening since episode 1, and I love this podcast! I love that the stories range from mystery, true crime murder, aliens and scary legends! The brother’s banter is the best. I feel like I am sitting in a room with friends as they share their stories! I look forward to hearing each new episode!

Perfect balance

Making incredibly disquieting subjects downright delightful is a fine art done perfectly here. The best new show I have heard in some time.

Different and interesting

I found your podcast while looking at the “u might like these” section at the bottom of another podcast so I gave it a try. These brothers are funny and go together well. A lot of podcasts with 2 seem to be annoying or don’t fit. I love your content and how you tell your stories. I’ll definitely keep listening!!


Love love love this pod!!! These bros are the best!!!!

One of my new favorites.

Great show. It really is like sitting down and having a chat with a couple of friends. They’re frank and open and keep thing lively and real. Yeah, there’s an adult word every now and then, but nothing obnoxious, like some podcasts can be. Keep up the great shows guys, my ears are locked on. I also subscribed to your other shows and find them enjoyable as well.

LOVING Josh and Shane!!!

This is my new fav podcast! I refresh my feed everyday to make sure I haven’t missed a new ep from the guys! I’ve listened to Ep. 1 (gross Jared and his big pants!) literally 5 times already! Josh keeps me giggling!!! Keep being you, girl! I am LIVING for your “JESUS!” outbursts! 😄♥️♥️ Give these guys a listen - you’ll be hooked!!


I really like these brothers! The first episode I heard was about the Appalachian mysteries. Im a Kentucky girl and I have relatives from the Appalachian mountains in eastern Kentucky, and I have definitely heard my share . These guys are very entertaining . Can’t wait for more episodes.

This is a fun one

I’m really enjoying this podcast, the rapport is great and the topics are varied. It’s definitely a keeper.

Really enjoying this!

I heard this as an ad on a different podcast I listen to! I love their personalities and the way that they tell their stories! So glad I can listen to this from the very beginning! <3

Love this!

Thank you for talking about Leah and her Scientology struggle. Keep it coming!

promising new podcast

At the time of my review, one episode has been released. Based on the launch, this is sure to be an engaging podcast and one I definitely want to keep an eye on. Josh and Shane Waters are excellent hosts with a lifelong history. They instantly made me feel like a friend who had just stopped in to hear a fun discussion. This is not a theatrical or scripted podcast; it’s more of a conversational vibe.

New Favorite Pod!

I didn’t know I needed this in my life! Had me giggling at work. 2 of my favorite topics in one podcast!

I’m ready to binge this!!

The format & easy comfortable conversation was SO nice to hear and I loved both hosts! Sad that I caught it at the beginning - I was ready to binge all the episodes!

Love your new podcast!

I love the format of this show. I could listen to you two tell stories for hours! Can’t wait to hear more.

Great new podcast!

A must listen!